Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum together with the Quang Ninh Library is considered a special cultural property of the mine. (Cinet) - Located along the seacoast road in the East Coast of Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Museum is considered a perfect cultural works and is a sustainable point of Ha Long tourism.

Quang Ninh Museum is located in a cluster of museums - libraries in Hong Hai Ward (Ha Long City) on the banks of Ha Long Bay - a natural wonder of the world.
Inspired by the image of coal - a characteristic mineral of Quang Ninh, Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo helped the museum - the Quang Ninh Library won the Works of 2013.

In particular, the building is fitted with 14,000 m² of semi-rigid glass with self-breaking properties due to heat transfer. With bold architectural methods, the exterior of the building is designed as a giant mirror reflecting the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay.

The main space of the Museum consists of 3 floors, outlines the most basic and characteristic features of the land of Quang Ninh in both space and time, from ancient to present, from mountainous to delta, the sea with the present High value scientific content. Contrast with the black outside, white is the main color for the interior space to highlight the exhibits.

As soon as you step into the ground floor of the museum block, visitors will admire the whale skeleton and sailboat model. The first floor layout of the mountain pipe is made of modern materials such as steel frame, glass rail strength. Each mountain tube is a separate space of the tectonic process, marine and marine ecosystems, endemic flora and fauna. Especially, the cloth covering the image of Ha Long Bay rock formations combined with technology to show the effect of water light makes visitors feel like going in the middle of the ocean.

The second floor of the design block model wooden boat introduced Quang Ninh through the prehistoric, prehistoric times, Bach Dang victory, resistance war against French colonialists, anti-American imperialism and Buddhist culture Truc Yen Yen Tu.
If the display area Quang Ninh anti-French is designed with forest cover symbolizing the heroic Dong Trieu battlefield, the anti-American period is placed in space like the cabin, reminiscent of the victory of air Force.

Spiritual cultural space associated with Yen Tu and Truc Lam Zen are arranged in a separate area. There is a model of Dong pagoda and many valuable ancient artifacts, in addition to the large screen showing live images from the relics and scenic Yen Tu 24 / 24h. Next to it is the space of the Tran Dynasty's artifacts in Dong Trieu.

At the third floor, visitors will be able to visit the space displaying the economic achievements, cultural identity of the peoples of Quang Ninh province; images of Uncle Ho to visit and work in Quang Ninh; The objects used in mining activities, especially the coal industry, simulate the coal mining system with wooden columns, trusses, trailers ... to help the viewer have real experiences on this industry.

The entire history of the coal mining industry in Quang Ninh from the Nguyen dynasty to today is depicted in a relatively complete way. A 1: 1 coal mining simulation with columns, wagons, miners working ... will bring the most authentic, lively experiences to visitors, like stepping in. a real pit.

The space for displaying the culture and life of the 14 ethnic groups of Quang Ninh province such as Kinh, Dao, San Diu, Tay, Hoa ... with roofs, wooden columns, furniture brought from the place of living of indigenous people. about creating.

The final space of the Museum is the place where Uncle Ho's image is displayed with Quang Ninh, where he was honored to visit Uncle Ho for 7 times. Along with other historical material, this is really a place of educational significance for the young generation today.

It is connected to tourist sites such as the clusters of monuments and scenic spots of Bai Tho Mountain (Bai Tho Mountain, Duc Tran Quoc Nghien Temple, Long Tien Pagoda), Hong Gai Church .... Unique tourism contains values ​​of daily life, production and daily labor of local people. With unique architecture, beautiful space, many valuable exhibits, Quang Ninh Museum became a new tourist products, attracting crowds and visitors to visit.
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